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Supporting Our Illinois Workers & Creating JOBS

The biggest opportunity to create jobs in our area rests in the I-88 corridor that passes through our district. We already have the largest towns in our district and deep swaths of farmland that burrow around the interstate. Travel to our district is easily connected and easily navigable. Marketing the accessibility of our district is one way to sell businesses on investing both in building new brick-and-mortar buildings AND in assuming the lease(s) of vacant or abandoned brick-and-mortar buildings right here in the 90th. 

Another way to sell our district as a place for businesses to lay foundation, is to offer access to a large labor force businesses can employ to work their mission. The way we do that is by investing in career centers and trade schools which already exist and by laying the groundwork for more to be built. Not built in close to the city or down in other college towns, but RIGHT HERE in the 90th. THAT's the way we draw people to attend class in our district, work in our district, and plant their roots in our district. 

It is important--and a HUGE opportunity for growth--to invest in career programs that create alternatives to college for our young adults and returning students. With a knowledgable approach, we can bridge the connection for the high school-to-trade school pipeline and have right here in our hometowns a well-trained labor pool in which emigrating businesses will find value. 

Now, there is no doubt that our daily lives would be much different without the decades of progress earned by our Labor Movement. 

As your State Representative, I would stand with Union Workers and protect the efforts of lawmakers advocating for improved benefits and protections for our Illinois Workers. The Lobby against Unions has no place in our Illinois civil law and administrative code. Illinois families deserve fair pay, fair hours, and benefits in exchange for a hard day's work.

And I'll fight the good fight right along with you.

The Issues

Service. Sensibility. Solutions.



Whether you're a fan of the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obama Care") or you want it to hit the hay, the all-telling truth is this: we have a problem that needs fixing. We can "agree to disagree" all day long on what a solution looks like, but there is no more time to waste denying that a problem exists. Our people know too well that if they seek necessary care, they will be left holding an overwhelming tab. And, when that reality causes people to simply not seek the care that they need, it's the job of us as a community to come together and think of our options.

We aren't talking hypotheticals here either. This isn't "fake news" or hot off the press of the media pulpit. We are talking about actual people. Real-life people. Our grandparents and neighbors. Our sons and daughters. Our favorite co-worker and our long-lost acquaintance. They all have in common the unfortunate inability to cover humongous insurance premiums AND still pay the bank-breaking out-of-pocket expenses their healthcare plan conveniently does not cover.

The folks who have pre-existing conditions? The people who are between jobs long enough that last job's insurance is washed away? They still have families. They still have check-ups, emergencies, and continuing care. And these things come at extreme cost to the average Illinois family. Some hospital tabs are so high that it's downright debilitating.

Now, Illinoisans are strong. And they push through. They make payments and find a way. But, the truth of the matter is there has to be a better way forward. A more affordable way forward. A way that puts healthcare first and profit last.

I'm ready to address the issue and demand solutions.